Description du poste


Job Responsibilities:

1. Respbonisble for MW Network Designing and MW network Planning and Supervise the implementation work
2. Respobnilbe for Software Commissioning and Cut over for devices of microwave
3. Strong technical knowledge both in microwave theory and microwave equipment RTN
4. Provide technical supporting for microwave network devices to customer, include dealing with technical problem and fault, maintenance operation daily, and devices upgrading.
5. Strong capability of microwave maintenance and troubleshooting
6. Know well IP knowledge & Execute different levels of testing (commisong , integration, performance test KPI)

Profil du poste

Work Qualifications?

1. More than 3 years experience in Microwave product , RTN , Network planning tools ,troubleshooting , identify issues root causes and solution mitigations .
2. Be able to effietively communicate with customers about the technical solution, project plan and progress;
3. Be able to indentify and manage the technical issues, develop solutions and plans, track and close the risks;
4. Proficient Microsoft Office (word, excel and Power Point)?have the basic IP skills;
5. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing capability.
6. Education background:Master’s degree or above.
7. Provide support and documentation and follow Huawei internal flows and systems to support project delivery

Dossiers de candidature

Send your CV in English to [email protected] with the name of the position you are applying for.