Developer Front-end Vue.js (H/F)

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Developer Front-end Vue.js (H/F)

Nous sommes à la recherche de talents Francophones: Developer Front-end Vue.js, basés en Côte d'Ivoire pour travailler sur des projets à l'international.

Description du poste

As a Senior Front-end Engineer, you’ll play a key role in engineering digital experiences for a variety of clients and solutions across desktop, tablet, mobile and various technologies, that are engaging, insightful, and intelligent. You’ll work closely with stakeholders, internal teams, and client teams to deliver solutions that are not only complex and large-scale but also industry changing and truly transformative in nature.


Whats in it for you? You’ll be a confident, self-motivated, and ambitious developer, comfortable with modern production methodologies and modern build tools, coding patterns and best practices. You’ll have had experience working collaboratively in teams but also be happy working delivering projects on your own. You’ll require have a firm grasp of Javascript (ES6, ES.Next) with experience in frameworks/libraries like React, Angular, Vue.js etc, an understanding of application state management i.e. Redux, VueX as well as an interest for topics such as moderns APIs (e.g. GraphQL) and Web performance.

Job Requirements

• Excellent knowledge of hand-coded HTML5, CSS3 (SASS/LESS) and JavaScript (ES6, ES.Next) or TypeScript

• Inspired by the Software Craftsmanship approach to software development

• Knowledge of package managers, in particular NPM

• Knowledge of bundlers, such as Webpack, and their use in building scalable, maintainable applications

• Expertise with component driven architectures such as React and Vue and/or MVC/MVVM approaches such as Angular

• Understanding of application state management and available tools such as Redux or Vuex

• Expertise with CSS grid systems, flex, and other layout techniques

• Building cross-device responsive websites

• Experience of TDD and Unit Testing i.e. Mocha, Chai, Jest

• Solid understanding of browser rendering and debugging

• Appreciation for typography, UX, interaction design and accessibility 

• Exposure to server-side technologies (Node.js in particular) and modern APIs, such as GraphQL

Informations complémentaires

You will have the opportunity to improve your skills with our technical community throughout your career, in particular via our KED (knowledge sharing day), occurring once a month.

You will be able to share your experiences and learnings on our technical blog, as a speaker or attend the most popular conferences (Best of Web, DevFest, dotJS, dotCSS, Devoxx, MiXiT etc.), have a major role in our FrontSide conference and, why not, to create your own TechEvent, with the support of all the company as well!



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